Thank you for visiting the Windmill Orchards. Windmill Orchards has been selling organic top-fruit in an ecologically friendly environment for over fifteen years. We offer a range of fruits listed on our organic products page that include:

  • Twelve varieties of apples
  • Three varities of plums
  • Four varieties of French walnuts
  • The Veranja range of Quince

We also produce a range of organic juices which, together with our total crop are distributed widely throughout the home counties and the midlands here in the UK.

Windmill Orchards is certified by the Soil Association No: G2387 We hope you enjoy our website. For responses or inquiries you can use our contact page.

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The Windmill Orchard team

Organic Fruit Juices

Our Windmill Orchard juices are prepared from freshly juiced apples grown here at the Old Windmill. We simply pasturise the juice and do not use concentrates, sweeteners or any other additives. Windmill juices are 100% natural and organic. Our secret ingredient is lotsa love and care in the growing process.

apple juice
Organically grown apples bottled in:
  • 750 ml family size glass bottle*
  • 330 ml portable glass bottle*

*the green glass bottle prevents the sunlight breaking down the nutrients and keeps the juice longer fresh. Because we don’t add preservatives you do need to consume within 3 days after opening a bottle.

Organic Apples

Ashmead Kernel

An English russet of excellent quality. The flesh is white crisp and excellent flavour. It can be kept till January. Good for Cider.

Blenheim Orange

Old Woodstock was the birthplace of the Blenheim Orange Apple. The tree grew in the garden of...

Bramley’s Seedlings

The best known real English cooker. A refreshingly sharp flavour. Holds shape well...

Charles Ross

An often very large fruited dessert variety. Texture is slightly mealy.s


The cox has a firm and juicy flesh. A richly flavoured dessert apple with an aromatic nutty flavour.


A very popular English apple , firm and fine textured. Fairly sweet.

Egremont Russet

An old English apple with beautiful cinnamon colour with cream flesh. Small and crisp with a distinctive nutty taste...


Originally a Dutch apple variety, it has Golden delicious and Ingrid Marie as parents. Firm and juicy with an excellent taste. A good...


It has Cox and Ida Red as parents. Fine crisp texture. Will keep till January without temperature control.


Gala has Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden delicious as parents Firm and crisp with creamy flesh, juicy and sweet with a hint of...


Katy has James Grieve and Worcester Permain as parents. It is a fine textured juicy red apple with a slightly acid...

Lord Lambourne

A very juicy sweet flesh.

Worcester Pearmain

A desert Apple. Densely sweet with a unique ‘strawberry’ fragrance.

Ribstone Pippin

An aromatic sweet crisp flavour which mellows with age. Can be kept till Xmas or early January. Good for Cider.

Organic Pears

Concorde Pear

Conference pear

Organic Plums



Marjories Seedlings

Organic Walnuts



Ronde de Montigue



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